Success Is The Impact And Difference You Make In Other People's Lives

I Have The Vision To Redefine Contemporary Business Strategies

My Strengths

1 – Digital Innovation

When the iPhone was launched in 2008, I immediately transitioned from strategic marketing to digital/mobile innovations. Since then I’ve been working internationally with tech startups on service/product strategies and marketing, and with traditional lifestyle companies on digital business transformation.

2 – Proven Leader

I have a track record building cross-functional and creative teams with collaborative cultures, inspiring and empowering them to do their greatest work.

3 – Strategy & Science Mindset

I ask the right questions, see the big picture, connect the dots, bring foresight to the table and communicate clearly a vision.

4 – Sophisticated Design Sensibility

I’m gifted with the ability to think analytically while simultaneously demonstrate deep empathy and creativity. I naturally apply a careful user centered and holistic design approach.

5 – Natural Problem Solver

I’m wired to improve things. It comes easy to me to identify critical issues and to offer best possible advise and solutions.

6 – Hungry For Greater Challenges

I have a track record of entering unknown territories and bringing in all my previous knowledge in order to connect the dots and people.

7 – Entrepreneurial Spirit

People appreciate my hands-on, creative and collaborative management spirit. In 6 months for example, I set a tech education startup up from the ground – from research to execution – while simultaneously leading the marketing strategy and managing/growing its team up to 10 people.

8 – International Network

I built a vast international network of industry experts, great talents and strategic partners from which I curate for client projects.

9 – Eleven Renowned Design Prizes

Design projects where I have been in charge of the brand strategy were rewarded with renowned design prizes.

10 – Mentor at HenkelX

I mentor the management team of Henkel – one of the world leading beauty care and adhesive player – on digital transformation and business innovation.

My Background

Since 2007 I have been consulting directly with CEOs, VPs and leading managers of lifestyle and technology companies on digital business strategy, product and technology innovation, data strategy and on brand strategy. Amongst others Vodafone, Fujitsu, Kickstarter, B-REEL, Wirecard, Ford, Canyon Bicycles and Pharmos Cosmetics.

Some say I’m ahead of my time, some say I’m an inspiring leader. I consider myself being a catalyst for companies and leading managers. I helped them set a vision and partnered with them on what and how to do in oder to grow und succeed with their businesses in digitally disrupted industries.

After a decade of being a successful independent consultant and having built a diverse network around the globe, I felt the timing was right to found my own business platform in order to fully pursue my passion. As a product and strategy women at heart, I feel the urge to redefine contemporary brands and businesses for a sustainable, inclusive future that everyone desires to live in. Through JUST DAMN RIGHT me and my talented team create, grow and invest into a portfolio of impact-led solutions.

How did I get there ?

As I’m wired 50% analytical / 50% creative, studying at the University of the Arts in Berlin to then applying my trained skills in problem solving and system design on business management and innovation was definitely the best decision I have made when I left high school. I graduated from university in 2007, my final thesis was about Brand Hacking.

Directly after university I contributed strongly to setting up the strategy arm of one of Germany’s biggest owner-led brand consultancies. Back then, I was advising clients and introduced innovative research tools and user-oriented methods known as Design Thinking today. The agency ultimately benefited strongly from increased business buy-ins.

In 2009 I decided to become an independent consultant, focussing on mobile product innovations and digital business strategy, while simultaneously bringing all my user-related and strategic marketing skills into client projects. Since then I’ve been investing in growing international networks of industry experts, scientists and collaborators from a variety of different fields and industries.

I was fortunate to work for example with highly talented engineers on product strategies and implementing latest innovative digital technologies, to work with investors on business development and innovation management, with well funded startups on go-to-market strategies, or with traditional corporates on data strategies and platform businesses.

Looking back at my 12+ years of professional work experience, I’ve been diving into and practicing every important aspect of business management and innovation, and I’m able to harness insights, strategic partnerships or talent from my international networks whenever a project today requires it. I feel very grateful for all opportunities that fell into place and for all the people that made this journey so far a sometimes challenging yet overall a fantastic one.

Some say I’m ahead of the time. I consider myself being a catalyst for people and businesses. I help them to design a vision and partner with them in order to grow, take on new directions or to achieve their goals.

„Woman of 1st …“

My first strategy job after university turned Steve Jobs into a fan of my client.

In 2008 I made MAN Truck & Bus to be the first brand to publicly claim the future of smart cities and autonomous driving as we see emerging today.

The first mobile app that I have been leading product strategy and experience design for was awarded best app of the year by The Next Web.

The first company I built up from scratch is Germany’s first IT developer bootcamp school, addressing the talent shortage across countries.